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Simon Yuen

Simon has been leading by example with his lifestyle of optimising physical well-being with different fitness and breathwork practices. Being in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years, he has been training clients on their physical health as a Fitness & Movement Coach, promoting a well balance and optimal way of life.

In the past few years, Simon has shifted his focus on promoting his practices with breathwork as the main driver to lead, guide, and control the physical state of being as well as optimising sports performance. Simon has coached and guided thousands of people through workshops, snow expeditions and even 1 on 1 with breathwork practices and cold exposure to promote an optimal performance.

Simon believes the deepest and biggest healing power is by connecting to your breath, which the universe and mother earth has always provided us. Using the breath and the cold as his teacher, his never-ending adventures consists from hiking to the summit of Mount Hotham, Mount Kosciusko and surrounding peaks in minimal clothing to swimming in icy rivers and lakes. These extreme challenges have enabled him to learn and control his own breathing, heartrate, blood circulation and most importantly, his state of being while withstanding extreme temperatures.

Simon Yuen
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