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Clara Hase

I am a catalyst to your journey of finding your truest self. I do that through the wisdom of Astrology and through my training and hours of experience as a certified Health & Life Coach.

As a practical intuitive I started to explore the modalities of astrology when tools like MBTI proved no longer enough to provide a complete solution to my questions. When asked for analysis I mostly use Tropical Vedic astrology and Varshaphala (Persian astrology) and complete it with readings of Cards of Truth and Gene Keys for clients that want to have the ultimate experience of mystic knowledge. Though I loved how much one can get from the eagle view of astrology I wanted to approach its knowledge with the practicality that is required for us to show in our daily life routines and thoughts. So I invested in becoming a coach, too.

I don’t give you lists of what to do - though I can if you ask me to. We work together on building more of what you want to see in your life: health, energy, adapting through change, and getting clarity and courage.

Clara Hase
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