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We believe in the power of collective and synergies of consciousness.

We are always on the lookout for wellness advocates , conscious brands and initiatives to create new and exciting experience for our members and participants.  See how can we work together and make the party bigger!


ARCH committee is always actively seeking corporate and individual sponsors to support our vision in curating holistic wellness and mindfulness offering to the community. For festivals/events, advertisement coverage will be given to our sponsors subject to level of sponsorship. We welcome promotional materials to our event goodies bags. Get in touch to see how can we tailor to your marketing goals. 


Online Marketplace

ARCH has evolved from a physical event to spreading footprint in the digital world. We now accept consignment of products in our online marketplace as we see fits to our essence in promoting health and wellbeing. If you are a wellness advocate, or have a wellness brand and don't know where to start, come talk to us! We can help!



Join Our Teaching Tribe

ARCH is founded with the aim to create the community of wellness services, to assemble the like-minded and inspire others. If you are interested to show your talents and master skills, reach out to us. We want to help and show the world what you have to offer! 


Wellness Brands

Wellness is becoming an important part of lifestyle for every brand, and we have the right audience group for your marketing outreach. For festivals/events, we partner with brands to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your targeted customers. Contact us to find out more. on the ARCH* crossover marketing experience.


Let's Work Together

There is unlimited potential in a conscious community. Join us now.